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2005 GAYP Nationals Games

Hello everyone:

Several have inquired about the 'select' games from the upcoming ACF 2005 GAYP National Tournament. The ACF may print all games and those in the majors who notate and submit their games to the tournament referee. I feel that $15.00 is a fair price for these games.Mr. Michael Holmes mentioned doing the games in an electronic format for say $5.00. Our Webmaster, Mr. Jason Solan is busy for a week with work and school. I will ask him to create a 'donation box' on our ACF Store for ordering the games. The ACF needs donations to operate and one good way to help the ACF is to order a set of these games. I think Michael and Mr. Mac Banks will work together to process and publish the games, some brief annotations will be added. Please email me if any questions. This announcement will be in the next ACFB as well.

Alan Millhone, ACF President

Submitted by :Alan Millhone