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Announcing New State Cup Event

District Managers, please note the new event that invites voluntary teams from within your District:
I would like to announce a new event in United States called the State Cup. Alex Moiseyev originally introduced the concept a few years ago. Four-person teams will compete against other teams to determine a cup champion in three-move play. The event will be held tentatively this fall in Marion, IL at the mall, perhaps over three days (Friday through Sunday). Details still need to be worked out. John Grisley of Marion is currently looking for sponsorship, and contributions are welcome. (Donations can be made via Paypal at under Store/Donations/Tournament Fund Donation, or to my mailing address below)

In the meantime, please check with checker players from your state and work with your District managers as needed at rounding up a team to come and compete in this new event. Please let me know your team when it's assembled. States are welcome to submit more than one team. We welcome all skill levels. For states with sparse membership, you may assemble a "District" team. Also, Canada and other countries are welcome to organize a team.

The Ohio team will be ready for the fine competition!

Richard Beckwith
ACF Player Rep Candidate
34490 Ridge Road #115
Willoughby, OH 44094

Submitted by :Dr. Richard Beckwith