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Dear Checker Players

BY: Richard Beckwith,ACF National Organizer The following was sent to me ( Alan Millhone, ACF President) today by Dr. Richard Beckwith, ACF National Organizer and ACF Player Rep. Candidate.

I am happy to report that I received in the mail yesterday cross-table information for both the 3-Move and GAYP National Tournaments held in Las Vegas last Summer. I will need to re-type data (6 divisions) into electronic format and send to ratings processor. This means we should have a ratings update within the next week.

I apologize for the delay in rating these important tournaments. I originally requested this information when I was in Las Vegas, and never dreamt if would take this long. In hindsight,backup copies held by a second person are now recommended before departing from the tournament,so this doesn't happen again.

Submitted by :Dr. Richard Beckwith