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A brief message from your ACF Webmaster. For some of you using Internet Explorer, the ACF Ratings page has been unavailable to you for a while. I apologize for this. The ratings page should be up and running again for everybody.

The page is slightly different now, but the same functionality still exists. If you want to sort by a column, click the link above the column (clicking again will sort in the other direction). Searches can be made with the search fields down below. Just choose what field to search on and type the text to search on in the box beside it, then click 'Search'.

There have been other changes on the website lately too. In the near future there should be a 'changelog' which will document all changes. I hope this to become a regular feature which will let you know if any changes have occurred to the website since your last visit.

Also please check the President's Corner as Alan has been actively updating it several times in the past few weeks.

Thanks for visiting the ACF Website and I do hope you come back!
ACF Ratings Page

Jason Solan
ACF Webmaster

Submitted by :Jason Solan