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Missing Vegas Ratings

Hello ACF Members:

I note a posting by John Post tonight on the BBS about the six month lag in not having the 2004 ACF GAYP Las Vegas Nationals posted as yet. I will take the full blame for this. I had no idea that Mr Al Darrow would become so ill and not release the ratings for processing. Looking back I should have had a duplicate set made for a 'back up' plan. I do know that Mr. Darrow is in very poor health at this time. I sent him a personal letter asking him to forward the results to me for processing. There is nothing more I can do at this time. A duplicate set will be made in Dublin this June and from now on as long as I am ACF President. I again apologize to all ACF members for this happening.

Alan Millhone,
ACF President

Submitted by :Alan Millhone