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Alex Moiseyev is the Undisputed World Champion!

Alex Moiseyev of the United States silenced his critics on Wednesday, October 22, 2003, after winning the Three-Move World Title Match in convincing fashion over former three-move world champion Ron King of Barbados by a score of 8-2-25 at the International Festival of Draughts in Cookstown, Northern Ireland. Mr. Moiseyev won the first game of the best-of-40 match and never trailed his esteemed opponent. Both players introduced outstanding new play, with Mr. Moiseyev's Montrose Cross "cook" in Game 20 getting the most publicity.

This long-awaited match put to rest a world title dispute that threatened to tear apart the world's major checker organizations. While the American Checker Federation has recognized Mr. Moiseyev as Three-Move World Champion since 2002 following a breakdown in communications for a 2001 World Title Match between Moiseyev and King, the English Draughts Association and the Northwest Draughts Federation continued to support Mr. King as World Champion. Now the matter is finally settled, despite a heated argument over a decision by Referee John Reade to remind the contestants to fix their clocks near the end of Game 27. Congratulations, Alex Moiseyev!
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