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Teaching Checkers to Kids of All Ages

Checkers is more than just a fun pasttime. It's a great way to develop the intellect, build self esteem, and meet new friends. The American Checker Federation supports a growing campaign to teach kids of all ages about the fascinating and rewarding elements of our grand ol' game.

In the past few decades, no one has been more devoted to teaching young people about checkers than Robert Pike, a former Massachusetts State Champion now living in Chula Vista, California. Mr. Pike has won accolades from teachers, school principals, and superintendents across the country, not to mention plenty of smiles of appreciation from the students he teaches.
You too, can be involved in the education of our youth. For information on how to participate in Mr. Pike's program and earn up to $50.00 an hour teaching children about your favorite game, see more about teaching checkers.

Don't miss out on this golden opportunity. Our youth need you to help them build a smarter and better world!