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Earl Morrison Wins Canadian Title!

The first Canadian Championship Match was held on October 22 - 25, 2003, at the Maple Farms Hotel in Ancaster, Ontario, near Hamilton. Challenger Earl Morrison of St. Lambert, Quebec, defeated former Canadian champion Leroy Adams of Winnipeg, Manitoba, in the best-of-thirty game match by the score of 8-4. Congratulations, Earl Morrison!
Going into the final day down 8-3 with just eight games remaining, the defending champion Adams took the first game of the day, bringing his win total to four. However, his wily challenger Morrison was able to draw the next three games, forcing the the former champion to concede his Canadian Title. Amazingly, it must be noted that October 25 was the only day that Mr. Adams did not lose a game. From the onset, one could see how Leroy was pressing to get more wins. Even from the weak side of 10-15, 21-17, 6-10, a game where the Red side is normally on the defence, Leroy came out with new play and certainly reversed the roles. In the 10-15, 22-17, 11-16 ballot, one wonders what could have been the outcome if Leroy had allowed Mr. Morrison to take a piece while going for a king behind his opponent's men.

All contributors to the match will receive copies of the games.
In other news, there will be a Canadian Checker Open on May 2 - 4, 2004, in Ontario. Exact location and prize money are to be announced at a later date. The highest finishing Canadian at the tournament will be granted the honors of challenging Earl Morrison for his newborn title. (Earl, already there are plans to challenge you!) Young Canadian master Clint Olsen of Kitchener, Ontario, figures to be a major contender.
Submitted by Carvo Grant for Ken Shoesmith, President, Canadian Checker Association.