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Checkers World Championship match- Italy (Moiseyev-Borghetti)

Greetings from Italy!

Please, remember that from June 25th to July 7th there will be the world match between the checkers world champion Alex Moiseyev and the challenger Michele Borghetti.

The match will be played in l’Hotel La Vedetta di Montenero, very closed to the town of Livorno. Livorno is the town were Borghetti lives, but is also the town of the first Italian champions of the last century and we can consider this town as the cradle of Italian draughts. On June 20, in the town council hall there will be the press conference to present the match, and on June 24 the official opening ceremony.

It will be possible to follow the games live on the website of the Italian

Submitted by :Adolivio Capece (press officer)