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Message from our President on Missing Bulletins

Hello A.C.F. Members:All June bulletins (except 19) have been mailed. Mr. Anthony Bishop called me just now and told me he will have them sent by mid-week. He has a few extra June issues he will send me by week's end. I will have these for 'missing bulletins',etc.

August issue will be in the mail by this coming Thursday. Late mailing of ACF Bulletins has been a real issue. Anthony and Matthew have both moved to new homes and will be settled soon. I trust the bulletin can be printed and mailed in a more timely manner from here on.

The way it is now the Secretary makes the labels for members and mails them to the Tresurer for use to mail to the members. I have 'toyed' with the idea of combining both jobs into one at some point in time to eliminate the 'over lap ' ? The Executive Committee would have to vote on it and present it to the membership for a vote. Also, it would create a vacancy and a vote on the Executive Committee. Another position would have to be created to maintain four votes. Any thoughts either on here on to me by email would be appreciated. I am striving to run the ACF more effectively and efficiently.

Alan Millhone, President
American Checker Federation