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Michele Borghetti of Italy wins World Qualifier

Top finishers at recent World Qualifier (3-move):
1st: Michele Borghetti 23 pts. (SB 417), 2nd: Ron King 23 pts. (SB 412), 3rd: Shane McCosker (20 pts.) 4th: John Webster (20 pts.) 5th: Joe Schwartz (19 pts.). Congratulations to Michele Borghetti on winning the overall QT 2010 and having the right to challenge Alex Moiseyev for the World 3-Move Championship Title in 2011.

The ladies division was won by Hurmagul Toyeva (Turkmenistan), who has earned right to challenge Amangul Durdyeva for the Ladies World 3-move title. The youth division was won by Maksat Durdyev (Turkmenistan). The event was held in Dublin, Ireland on October 27-30.

The Irish Open (Oct. 23-26) was won by Ron King (28 pts) followed in order by John McElhone (IRL), Michael Shabshai (ISR), Filip Kareta (CZE), and Igor Martynov (GER), all with 22 pts.

Richard Beckwith,
ACF Player Rep