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2010 GAYP World Title Match

Congratulations to Ron King for defending his GAYP World Title!

Champion Ron 'Suki' King and challenger Dr. Richard Beckwith have completed the GAYP World Championship match for 2010 held in Medina, Ohio.

After a long, hard fought match, Suki retains his title with a score of 2 Wins, 1 Loss, and 21 Draws.

At the halfway point there were 12 draws.

Ron King found a win in game 13 on the opening 11-16 22-18 16-19.

On the final day Dr. Beckwith scored a win in game 22 with a Second Double Corner game.

This left 2 games to decide it all.

After a Draw in game 23, Ron won the final game after an opening of 11-15 23-19 8-11 22-18.

Congratulations to Dr. Beckwith as well for pushing Ron to the limit in such a close match!

Alan Millhone, match referee, has send more detailed updates to John Acker's blog which can be found at:

You can also find some discussion on the ACF Forum