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2010 WCDF events

The WCDF are pleased to announce the following details:

Ron King (Champion) vs. Richard Beckwith (Challenger)
World (GAYP) Championship Match 2010.

A bid has been accepted from R. Beckwith (USA) for this match to be played at the Rodeway Inn & Medina Conference Center, Medina, Ohio USA in 2010. Provisional dates are October 5th -10th. The total bid amount is $6,900 of which approx $2,000 will go towards expenses.

World (GAYP) Women’s Championship Match 2010.

A WCDF women’s qualification event (match) was held at the Isle of Wight, Britain, in September 2009. This was won by Wilma Wolverton (USA) who became the official challenger to the Women’s World (GAYP) Championship Title that is currently held by Amangul Durdyeva (Turkmenistan). However, Wilma Wolverton has declined to make a challenge. Following this the runner-up Joan Caws (IOW) was offered the opportunity to make a challenge and she has also declined. As there is no official challenger there will be no official match for this title in 2010.

WCDF Qualification Tournament 2010

A bid has been accepted from the Irish Draughts Association to host the 2010 Qualifying Tournament at the “Radisson Hotel” at Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland, from Wednesday 27th to Saturday 30th October 2010. (The Irish Open will be held at the same venue from Saturday 23rd Oct 2010, to Tuesday 26th Oct 2010.)

The first ten players in the Qualifying Tournament will be given €100 each. The overall winner will be the official challenger to play Alex Moiseyev for the World (3 Move) Championship title in 2011. In the event of the winner declining this opportunity, the next highest finishing player will become the challenger. The person who plays Alex Moiseyev for the world title will receive a bonus payment of €2,000 (approx US$2,900 at today’s exchange rate) from the I.D.A. after the match is concluded. It is also intended to host a Women’s and Youth event subject to entries.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the various companies, organizations, and individuals for submitting these bids and raising substantial amounts of money, in particular Joe LoConti’s firm EVERGREEN-UNI, the ACF and IDA.

Hugh Devlin, WCDF President.