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Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev!

After a long fought 40 games Alex has retained his 3-Move World Title.
The match between Champion Alex Moiseyev and challenger Ron 'Suki' King has ended in a draw, meaning that Alex retains his title.

The final score is 4-4-32.

Congratulations to Ron King as well for putting forth a fantastic effort, leading for much of the match.

Ron struck first with a win in the final game of day 1, while Alex evened things up by winning the final game of day 2.

Day 3 consisted of 4 draws.

Ron then won a game on Day 4 and another on Day 5 to take a two game lead before the rest day on Saturday.

Alex won a game on Day 6 and another on Day 7 to even things up.

Both players scored a win playing the white side of the "Skunk" (12-16 24-20 10-15) on the 8th day followed by 2 more draws in the evening.

Day 9 came and went with 4 draws.

Day 10 finished out the match with 4 more draws.

We greatly appreciate those (Alex,Steve,Dr. Beckwith,Alan) who have kept us all informed on the ACF Forum.