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3-Move World Title Match in progress!

One more day to go in Medina Ohio.

Defending Champion Alex Moiseyev and challenger Ron 'Suki' King are just about finished in yet another great match.

On the final day of games, the score is tied with only 2 games remaining.

The score is Ron King 4 wins, Alex Moiseyev 4 wins and 30 draws.

Ron struck first with a win in the final game of day 1, while Alex evened things up by winning the final game of day 2.

Ron then won a game on Day 4 and another on Day 5 to take a two game lead before the rest day on Saturday.

Alex won a game on Sunday and another Monday afternoon to even things up.

Both players scored a win playing the white side of the "Skunk" (12-16 24-20 10-15) on Tuesday followed by 2 more draws in the evening.

Day 9 came and went with 4 draws for only the 2nd time in the match. Day 10 started with two draws.

This leaves 1 day, 1 ballot, 2 games to decide the 3-Move world championship.

For more information, Alex has been keeping us updated on the ACF Forum.