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Women's GAYP Match Statement

Statement regarding the proposed Women's World GAYP Championship Match 2008 - 2009 Amangul Durdyeva (Turkmenistan) Vs Jan Mortimer (New Zealand)

The process of attempting to arrange a World Championship Match between defending Champion Amangul Durdyeva (Turkmenistan) and challenger Jan Mortimer (New Zealand) began after Jan Mortimer's success in the Qualifying Tournament 2007 held in the USA. Draughts organisations affiliated to the WCDF were asked to submit bids to host this match by 1st December 2007 but none was received. The New Zealand Draughts Association submitted a bid (value US$5,800) on 14th July 2008. However the Executive Board felt that the defending Champion's cost of arranging travel to New Zealand was not fully covered in this bid and decided to allow Turkmenistan an opportunity to submit an increased bid. An increased bid (value US$7,350) was received from Turkmenistan on 29th August 2008. The Executive Board eventually accepted the Turkmenistan bid in late September 2008.

The Turkmenistan National Draughts Centre proposed various dates for this match to be played, originally in December 2008, and later May 2009, June 2009, and then a late offer of August 2009 (to have started today). For a variety of reasons this match has not been played. It has left the Executive Board with the undesirable task of making a decision regarding it.

The many issues raised, the sequence of events, and the details of various Emails have been examined and discussed within the Executive Board over the past number of weeks. It is our belief that this match could have, and should have been played in Turkmenistan as there were a number of opportunities available to do so. The fact that this has not occurred is disappointing. Our decision is that Amangul Durdyeva will remain as the Women's World GAYP Match Champion.

Sincerely: Hugh Devlin, WCDF President.