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Alex Moiseyev wins WMSG Gold Medal

Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev for winning the Checkers gold medal for USA in the 1st World Mind Sports Games held in Beijing, China on October 13-17. Ron King of Barbados won the silver medal, followed by Raivis Paegle of Latvia (Bronze). There were 42 participants from 19 countries. Standings are posted at
nnThe event also served as the annual 3-move WCDF qualifying tournament. The highest finishing qualifiers in the tournament (excluding present world champions) were Ron King of Barbados and Javzan Gerelchuluun of Mongolia. The WCDF is soliciting bids for the following three 2009 events: 1) Moiseyev-King 3-move world title match 2) Durdyeva – Gerelchuluun 3-move ladies title match 3) 2009 GAYP Qualifying Tournament. Bids are due December 1, 2008. (Due to the lateness of the qualifier, extensions for bid arrangements will be considered upon request.)

Richard Beckwith,
ACF Player Rep