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Alex Moiseyev wins National Tournament

Alex Moiseyev won the 2008 "Gene Lindsay" 3-move National Tournament over Ron King in a tournament that came down to the last game (8th round match ended up in 4 draws). Richard Hallett was third on honor points. Top prize was $1520, and total prize fund was approx. $8800. Phil Schwartzberg won the Majors in a close three-way race with Jimmy O'Grady and Gilbert Cisneros. Corey Modich won both the Minors division and the "older youth" title at the youth tournament that preceded the National. Colton Cardie successfully defended his "younger youth" title. Kim Willis won the U.S. Ladies Title, finishing two placements ahead of Wilma Wolverton in Majors. (See ACF forum for complete standings in Tournament Discussion.) The youth tournament was held at the Las Vegas Plaza Hotel, and the National Tournament was held at the Vegas Club. A "50 select games" package will be prepared. Bids for the 2009 GAYP National are being sought until December 31 of this year.

Richard Beckwith,
ACF Player Rep