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Clarification for those reserving rooms for the July National Tournament in Las Vegas….

The previously advertised room rates were $55 (Fri-Sat) and $48 (Sun.-Thurs.). The real room rates are $55 (plus tax, Fri & Sat.) and $29 (plus tax, Sun.-Thurs.). The "$48" was provided for budgeting purposes to assist with the playing room costs (as was done last year). These are still excellent rates for a strip hotel. There is a $15 per weekday differential for players. So, players will need to provide an additional $75 per player at registration, as the hotel will not collect this for us. Any non-playing guests with separate rooms will only have to pay $29 plus tax for weekdays. nnGerry Lopez has bargained good rates for us, and he was the only one who offered a National bid. Gerry tells me this will be his last Las Vegas bid, so please consider supporting what will probably conclude the "Las Vegas era" in checkers.n nRegarding the call-in number 1-800-634-6575, note that the Plaza Hotel handles the room reservations for the Vegas Club, which does not have their own reservations line (same owner for both hotels).n

Richard Beckwith,
ACF Player Rep