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2008 WCDF Events

World (3 Move) Qualification Tournament:nThere was no bid received to host this event. The Executive Board is therefore nominating the 1st World Mind Sports Games, being held in Beijing, China, from 13 to 17 October as the QT for 2008. If the current World (3 Move) Champions' Alex Moiseyev and Amangul Durdyeva were to enter and win this event, the next highest available player(s) will be endorsed as the official challenger(s). There will not be a youth event held there as the games are open to adult participants only. n nRon King (Barbados) Vs Lubabulo Kondlo (SA)nFollowing the receipt of a single bid for the hosting of this match it was agreed that the World GAYP Championship Match will be held at Medina, OH, USA from 8th -13th September 2008. nnAmangul Durdyeva (Turkmenistan) Vs Jan Mortimer (NZ) nThere was no bid received for hosting this Women's World GAYP Match. In accordance with the WCDF Byelaws it is now the responsibility of the challenger, Jan Mortimer, to make a bid for this match. nnOn behalf of the WCDF I would wish to take this opportunity to wish you, your families and friends, a Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2008. nnSincerely: nHugh Devlin nWCDF President.n