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November 2007 news bits

Amangul Durdyeva won her match against defending champ Patricia Breen 8-2 with 6 draws to win the ladies 3-move world title held in Ireland. Alex Moiseyev won the men's Irish Open tournament.nnA new 11-man Ballot National Tournament, in honor of Elbert Lowder, will be held Jan 31- Feb 3 in Albemarle, North Carolina, Elbert's hometown. See ACF Calendar and calendar for details. Please consider supporting this new event.nnBids are being sought for the following 2008 events: 3-move ACF National tournament (bids due Dec. 31), WCDF World 3-move Qualifying Tournament, Kondlo-King GAYP title match, and Mortimer-Durdyeva GAYP title match.nnTwo ACF Store book notes: John Cardie's new book "How to Beat Granddad at Checkers" has been added. Alex Moiseyev is now offering a discounted rate ($10 off) for Sixth for regular or personalized copy.n

Richard Beckwith,
ACF Player Rep