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ACF forum and potential virus

Please check your computers. Sometime yesterday the ACF forum was attacked and a javascript file was injected into several of the forums pages. I don't know what time exactly.nWhen I checked the forums page this morning, the page would not display because my firewall was blocking it. When I looked into it, some of the pages on the forum had a script tag that was not supposed to be there.nThis happened at some point yesterday as the backups from early in the morning on the 9th were fine.nnThe forum is fixed now, but anyone that has visited the forum yesterday, please run a virus scanner on your computer. I don't know what the script did and its possible that nothing happened, but this is just to be on the safe side.nnYou can run a free scan online here you can download a free virus scanner program (called AVG) heren apologize for any problems this may have caused.