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December news:

Jim Loy, ACF Bulletin editor, has completed a 90-page booklet of the 2005 ACF International Mail tournament with much annotation. Booklets may be ordered through Jim Loy for $15 ($17 outside U.S.), and this item will be added to ACF store.nnAlex Moiseyev has finished his outstanding work on the 50 Select Games from the 2006 US National. The layout is currently undergoing the "final touches," and the games will be distributed soon.nnACF nominations are still very much needed (as announced in Nov. 7 article below; see also President's Corner). Now both the secretary and treasurer positions are open for next term, as Mac Banks and Don Brattin do not seek re-election.nnThe WCDF also needs soon a bid for the 2007 3-move match between Ron King and Alex Moiseyev.nnSad news -- Checker legend Elbert Lowder passed away on December 14th. More news and thoughts in ACF forum.n

Richard Beckwith,
ACF Player Rep