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Various items to call to your attention

The 2006 ACF National Tournament "Select" games is near complete, except for final review and printing. From the preview I have seen, the work by Alex Moiseyev (who donated countless hours of his time) is outstanding and is similar to the presentation of "Sixth." These games have been added to ACF Store under Game transcripts, or may be ordered through Alan Millhone. The 8th International Match book is also expected soon.nnThis is also a reminder for ACF members to send in your dues if your membership expires during the winter months. Full adult membership in U.S. is $25. (See October bulletin for more detail.) Dues may be sent to ACF treasurer, listed under ACF Info menu, or purchased through ACF Store.nnNominations are needed for the ACF next election. Nominations may be sent to the election chairman, Gene Ellison, at through Dec. 31. Please be sure your nominee (if not yourself) is willing to serve. National Tournament bids for the 2007 GAYP also need to be submitted by the end of the year to Alan Millhone. nnMy thanks goes to Jason Solan and Ryan Pronk for many recent site updates, including ACF store updates, tournament results, and (coming soon) a WCDF page for 2007 Qualifier news. Lastly, I have just updated the ACF ratings, which includes those events submitted through District 4 Tournament.n

Richard Beckwith,
ACF Player Rep