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Recap of the 2006 U.S. National

Ron King, GAYP World Champion from Barbados, won the 2006 "Edward A. Bruch" ACF National Tournament by honor points over Alex Moiseyev and Richard Hallett. The tournament was held June 19-24 in Medina, Ohio at the Traveler's Choice Hotel.nIt was a close tournament from start to finish, with both Richard Hallett and Ed Bruch making serious runs at first place in the middle of the week.nnLarry Pollard won the Majors group, coming from behind to edge Ryan Pronk. The Minors group was won by Patrick Parker. There were 18 entries in the Masters, and 12 entries in both Majors and Minors. Kim Willis was the highest finishing woman in the main tournament.nnNine youth participated in the weekend "Arthur Niederhoffer" youth tournament held June 17 & 18. The youth tournament was won by Ryan Pronk of Arizona, who won by 10 points. The younger division was won by Trey Stanley of North Carolina, who edged 7-year-old Alex Holmes.nnTrophies were awarded to the top three finishers in all divisions. The total prize funds were approximately $825 for the youth tournament and $7300 for the main tournament.nAll divisions played 8 rounds. Based on recent survey results, the Masters used traditional round scoring, but all other divisions scored by game.nnChuck Bowen, a local reporter, talked to many of the players early in the week. Kudos to his paper, The Gazette, for placing and article about the tournament in the Medina paper on Monday, June 19th. The article included front-page pictures of Trey & Erin Stanley, Alex Holmes, and Solomon Reece from the youth tournament. A pre-tournament article appeared in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on June 17. Joe Schwartz also told me that the tournament was mentioned on the home page of Yahoo's internet site during the week.nnI acknowlede Victor Niederhoffer and the many other contributors (who will receive copies of games). Don Brattin, Leon Creek, and Kim Willis (youth event) served well as referees. Jim Loy provided a daily newsletter with standings, games, information about openings, etc. Thanks also go to Alan Millhone for providing scoresheets, clocks, and signs, and to John Webster for offering Medina 2006 ACF National Tournament shirts and hats. Steve Holliday brought in donuts one day and also provided much pre-tournament assistance. Alex Moiseyev brought in the trophies for me. Finally, thanks goes to the Traveler's Choice Hotel for providing a free playing room, complimentary breakfast, and free coffee & water all week.nnSeveral players visited the tournament, including Louis Cowie, Tony Kozenski, Terry Mazzocco, Vince Delong, Anker Studsgaard, and Jerry Jacobsen.n

Richard Beckwith,
ACF Player Rep