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  Interview with ACF President Alan Millhone ACF Website Journalist conducted the following interview with ACF President by phone on October 17, 2003. Thank you, Ryan!

ACF President Alan Millhone

  Question No. 1: Dealing With Criticism
Ryan: You have received a lot of criticism since taking office. (For example, missing ACF Bulletins, the handling of ACF funds, tournament prizes, etc.) How have you dealt with these issues?

Alan: I believe the better players should be rewarded. Players that study more should be awarded more money. I believe the top 5 - 6 players in each division should receive money. It doesn't make sense to pay $20.00 to a person who finishes in 18th place. As far as everything else goes, the same people that vote me in can vote me out. I stand by all the decisions I have made.

  Question No. 2: The New Three-Move Deck
Ryan: Where can players purchase the new 156-opening three-move deck? Will Howard Gain supply a new deck?

Alan: Howard Gain does not supply three-move cards anymore. In a sense, he has "retired" from making them. Lisle Cormier and a few others are attempting to figure out how he made them before and to put together a formula to support the new deck. A few ideas regarding the format of the new deck have been discussed. But as of right now, we do not have the actual deck made yet. I hope to see how the EDA makes their 156-opening three-move cards when I fly out to Ireland this weekend. It is important that we keep in step with all of the other checker organizations.

  Question No. 3: Published Play on Previously Barred Openings
Ryan: When will published play on the new openings be released to ACF members?

Alan: I spoke with Brian Hinkle and Mac Banks about this. We discussed putting a manual of the new openings together so people can purchase them. When this is completed, I would like to see the barred openings on the ACF website.

  Question No. 4: The ACF Bulletin Online
Ryan: Have you considered putting the ACF Bulletin (past and future issues) online for all to see?

Alan: I understand that Jim Loy has a very old Bulletin on his website. Putting it on the ACF website has been discussed, but we will need help in doing so. There are a lot of things that have to get done on the website such as putting up a "Swap Shop."

Also, books for people to purchase would be valuable, and perhaps some books you will be able to read online. Again, this will take a lot of work. We are still looking for volunteers!

  Question No. 5: Possibility of a Four-Move Deck
Ryan: Alex Moiseyev proposed an idea regarding a new four-move opening format. What are your thoughts regarding this?

Alan: It would take ten lifetimes just to get the three-move format and even the GAYP format all memorized. I personally don't see the need for it. Also, if we created a four-move format, we would not be in step with the other checker organizations, and I believe that it is very important for the success of the ACF to be on the same level with other organizations. However, if a lot of players are for it, it will be discussed more in detail and could very well go into affect.

  Question No. 6: Choosing the Host of the U. S. National Tournament
Ryan: Do you think everyone (ACF members) should vote on where to hold the next U.S. National (instead of bidding)?

Alan: I want to appoint five to six people in each region of the country to do some research on where would be a good place to hold the national. There will be a questionnaire in which people must fill out motel prices, airport information, etc. Just because someone submits a high bid does not mean they will get the National.

  Question No. 7: Three-Move and GAYP Nationals Back-to-Back
Ryan: With new pledges and bids coming in for having the National in Las Vegas, do you like the idea of having both a three-move and a GAYP tournament at the same time?

Alan: As of right now, Gerry Lopez is looking into the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas. The price would be $35 for the week and would be a little more expensive on the weekend. I think Las Vegas would really promote the game well as it has in the past. St. Louis is another city that has come up when it comes to hosting the National. But again, we need people scouting to find information about hotels, prices, etc.

  Question No. 8: Comments to Potential Members
Ryan: Any comments you would like to add regarding anyone who is considering joining the ACF?

Alan: I welcome anybody with open arms, especially youth and women!


Alan Millhone, President
American Checker Federation

This interview was kindly submitted by ACF Website Journalist . More about Mr. Pronk is available in his biography.

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