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  World Champion Alex Moiseyev Gives Advice on Studying Checkers The following communication was posted on George Miller's BBS on August 27, 2003.


I have a few questions for you if you don't mind answering. When and how long do you study? What books or references do you use, and what would you suggest a younger player do to play better and go to that next level?

Thank you,


Hello, Joe!

For the beginners (12-18 months play or 1,000 games on the Internet), I would recommend continued practice with time control 3/2 (no less), or better five minutes per game, and problem books - Horsfall's, Gould's Problem Book, Boland's Famous Positions and Masterpieces.

Any opening book must be highly avoided and prohibited for beginners.

  • After 12-18 months of practice and online play, you should join the American Checker Federation and start to play in real tournaments.
  • After two years - Lees' Guide, Checkers in Depth, Border Classics, buy Nemesis.
  • After three years - Basic Checkers, Solid Checkers, Nemesis opening book, Checkers the Tinsley Way, Big League Checkers, Ryan's Modern Encyclopedia of Checkers.
  • After four years - Kears' Encyclopedia, Master-Play.
  • After five years - Start studying games from tournaments and matches, Oldbury's Complete Encyclopedia.
  • After six years - Any checker book you find that is not in your library yet.
  • After seven years - Alex Moiseyev's games.
  • After eight years - Study your own games which you played in the past seven years. This will greatly help you to improve.
  • After nine years - Write your own book.
  • After ten years - Read your own book.

Joe, of course some of those comments are a bit humerous, however they are honest enough and well reflect my concept and method in checkers. Remember - no opening book in the beginning. This is the key to success!


Alex Moiseyev

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