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  ACF Webmaster Agreement

Explanation of Duties


The webmaster of the American Checker Federation (ACF) will maintain information on the webserver provided by the ACF and serve as a contact point for the ACF and the Internet community. The ACF Webmaster is requested to perform the following functions:


  • Develop and maintain the official ACF website.
  • Collaborate with the Website Team to ensure that the website is up-to-date and informative at all times.
  • Respond to all mail in a timely manner. If a user notices incorrect information on a webpage, an incorrect link, or has a suggestion for other information that might be useful, the user should be able to E-mail the ACF Webmaster to make the correction or consider the suggestion.
  • Maintain a secure, online ACF store.
  • Analyze website traffic statistics and report results to the appropriate party on a regular basis.


Web Policies




These policies govern the management of those electronic documents accessible on the World Wide Web that represent the ACF. The ACF encourages contributions to its World Wide Web site and these policies are intended to guide the preparation and management of such contributions.


For many people, the ACF Home Page ( and its associated web pages are the first point of contact with the ACF. The quality of electronic information published by the ACF is important in maintaining the strong reputation and image of the ACF. Thus, information on the ACF Home Page is subject to the same policies and standards as print publications. These policies set minimal standards that are meant to ensure that information published electronically is accurate, visually appealing, clearly presented and follows the same high standards as other forms of published information.


The ACF is the express owner of the ACF Website. The ACF Webmaster is responsible for all material included within the ACF Website. The ACF Executive Committee is charged with the development and enforcement of Web Policies provisions. Questions concerning the application of Web Policies should be referred to this committee.




The ACF Home Page is an official publication of the ACF. Unless otherwise indicated, all text, photographs and graphics appearing on the ACF Home Page are copyrighted and must not be reproduced by an unauthorized individual or organization without written permission from the appropriate ACF official.


Official Pages


Official pages are those publicly accessible electronic documents that represent the ACF. Official pages must abide by all applicable laws and ACF policies and standards regarding nondiscrimination, libel and copyright, offensive material and visual identity. A page may be considered offensive simply by containing a direct link to another page that may be maintained by other individuals or organizations that presents offensive material.


It is not legal to publish the work of others in web pages without their express permission. It is not legal to use another organization or individual's trademarked logos, musical selections or graphics without permission.


Musical backgrounds or selections on official pages are discouraged unless they are directly related to and identifiable with the ACF. In any event, proper copyright clearinghouse permission must be obtained before the music can be used.


Except where it would be inappropriate, all official pages of the ACF will include:


  • Official ACF logo and/or wordmark
  • Date of last update, recommended format: MM/DD/YYYY
  • URL address of the page
  • Name and E-mail link to the person or persons responsible for maintaining the page
  • Link to the ACF Home Page at The link should be formatted: ACF Home Page or selectable through the use of the ACF logo or wordmark graphic.


Personal Gain


Official pages cannot be created for personal business or personal gain. Official pages  must not be used to advertise products or services from outside organizations without approval from the ACF Executive Committee. Requests to include advertising should be submitted to the ACF Webmaster of the ACF website for referral to appropriate ACF officials. Examples of such advertising include, but are not limited to, display of vendor logos or other advertising in exchange for the use of "free" software.


Official pages will be reviewed for Web Policies compliance, style, appearance, and appropriateness before they will be linked to the ACF Home Page. Subsequent changes to official pages are likewise governed by these Web Policies. Failure to comply with these Web Policies may result in the replacement of the ACF Webmaster.


Official Symbols


Only official ACF symbols can be used to represent the ACF on official pages.

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