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  Constitution of the American Checker Federation


This organization shall be known as the American Checker Federation hereinafter called the ACF.


Section 1 - Purpose
The purpose of the ACF shall be to increase and perpetuate interest in the game of Checkers (or Draughts) by promoting national tournaments, international team matches, world's title matches both by mail and cross-board and by encouraging regional, district and state tournaments, within its jurisdiction; also to co-operate in a friendly manner with similar associations of other countries and players of other countries, for the general advancement of the game throughout the world.

Section 2 - Nature of Policies
ACF shall be representative in government, non-commercial and not conducted for profit. It shall have continuous existence unless terminated under the provisions of this constitution and by-laws. It shall extend the various special services described in this constitution and by-laws. It shall extend the various special services described in this constitution and by-laws for the members of ACF and its affiliated organizations.


Section 1 - Nature
The jurisdiction of ACF shall include all checker regions, district and state checker associations affiliated with the ACF in the United States, its territories and other nations as may be appropriate.


Section 1 - Immunity
No officer, member or affiliate of ACF shall be financially or otherwise liable for any unauthorized act of forbearance of any other officer, member or affiliate.


Section 1 - Honorary
The honorary membership shall be made available for distinguished persons, elected by the Executive Committee. They shall have no power to vote, as honorary members, nor shall any honorary member who is not an active member hold an active person in ACF or any of its affiliates.

Section 2 - Active
Any citizen of the United States and its territories shall be eligible for membership in this association upon payment of the membership dues to the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, national organizer, district manager or any authorized ACF agent. Membership application by foreign nationals shall be approved by the Executive Committee or by its authorized representative(s).

Section 3 - Life-Time
Life-time membership will be awarded to all past presidents or any other past officer approved by the Executive Committee, donors of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) or more to the ACF National Tournament Trust Fund and to members of the "300 Club" who complete payment of three hundred dollars ($300.00) over a 4-year period. A wallet size card will certify an ACF Life-time membership. ACF members who contribute one hundred dollars ($100.00) to the GAYP Fund will be Life GAYP Members.

Section 4 - Associate
Associate members will be accepted at ten dollars ($10.00) per year dues - under certain conditions. Except for "under-18's", a limited number of Associates will be accepted only in state and state-section tourneys. Associates will not have voting or Bulletin privileges. Associates can apply their ten dollars ($10.00) to full membership any time in the calendar year of issue - back issues of Bulletins for the year will be provided if available. Associates can be named in any news section write-up of an affiliated tourney, but will not be listed in the Roster of Champions. They will not receive "Master Points" for placing in the top three of an affiliated state or state-sanctioned tourney, unless the full membership dues are paid. "Under-18's" can be Associates in any tourney.

Section 5 - Rejection of Application, Suspension or Expulsion
The Board of Directors by a simple majority may reject any application for membership or suspend or expel any member or revoke any affiliate charter for just cause.

Section 6 - Membership Privileges
Members of ACF shall be entitled to enjoy the various special privileges of ACF which includes ACF Bulletin and to participate in any "open" activity of ACF or any of its affiliates and shall be entitled to participate in "closed" activities promoted by any district or state affiliate by showing legal residence in proper, specified, closed areas, subject to the provisions of this constitution and by-laws of ACF. Foreign nationals, residing within or outside of the United States and its territories, shall not be entitled to voting privileges in ACF affairs.


Section 1 - Program
The ACF shall adopt a program of affiliation for state, district and regional checker organizations.

Section 2 - State
There shall be recognized only one state checker association in each state but there can be state-section tourneys.

Section 3 - Requirements District and Regional
To maintain affiliation each district and regional organization must require every entrant (except those under 18) in each of its tourneys to be an ACF member in good standing for the current year. Entry lists and tourney results must be sent to the ACF secretary for each tourney.

Section 4 - Requirements State
In state or state-section tourneys Associate members will be accepted with these restrictions: For those state and state-section tourneys which have only one division of play, up to 30% (not more) of the entrants can be Associates; at least 70% must be full members. In state or state-section tourneys with two or more divisions, the entire bottom division can be Associates or any mixture of associates and full members, but the top division (or top two if three total) would have to be full members.

Section 5 - Youth Program
In order to support a youth program, any tourney can accept without limit, all entrants less than 18 years of age as "Associates". The total of such under 18's will not count in the 30% requirement of one-division state tourneys.

Section 6 - Affiliate Certificate
A certificate of affiliation will be issued to each organization after completing its first tourney as an affiliate. Each affiliated tourney winner will be presented with a certificate of ACF recognition. The ACF Bulletin will list the champions of regions, districts and states on its Roster of Champions page in each issue.

Section 7 - Recognition of Affiliate Status
All affiliates of ACF shall be recognized solely on the provisions outlined in this article of the constitution.

Section 8 - Checker Affiliations
The ACF is a member of the Federation Mondiale de Jeu de Dames (FMJD), the International Checker Hall of Fame (ICHF) and the World Checker Federation (WCF) and acknowledges and accepts its role in promoting checker board games in World Championship and has agreed to affiliate and cooperate with such organizations in accordance with the ACF By-Laws, Constitutions and purpose/s.

Note: The ICHF is a checkers museum that supports all forms of checkers and provides a place to hold matches and tournaments as needed. The ICHF is affiliated with the ACF, the EDA, the FMJD, and the WCF to promote checkers worldwide.


Section 1 - Nature and Term of Office
The elected officers of ACF shall be: the president, two vice-presidents, the secretary, the treasurer, and the player representative. These officers shall be elected to serve for two years, dating from their installation in office on January 1 of each election year. All elected officers shall be volunteer workers; they shall not receive a salary or fee.

Section 2 - Unusual Conditions
The Executive Committee shall have the power to extend the administration of the officers in the ACF for any necessary period of time in the event of unusual conditions, and this extension shall reduce the tenure of the next administration, which follows by the exact length of the unusual condition period.

Section 3 - Meetings
The Board of Directors shall meet regularly every two years at the national tournament but the chairman may call a special meeting at the national championship match or any regional tourney or by conference call when such a meeting is necessary. The president and either the secretary or the treasurer shall be present at all Board meetings or they shall appoint someone to perform their duties.


Section 1 - Nature
The Board of Directors shall be the representative body of ACF and all ACF affiliates. It shall be composed of the president, the two vice-presidents, the secretary, the treasurer, player representative, and all district managers. The president of the ACF shall be chairman of the Board of Directors.

Section 2 - District Managers
The district managers shall be elected every two years in their individual districts. They shall be installed in office on January 1 of each election year.

Section 3 - Quorum
A quorum for any business meeting shall consist of at least four members of the Board not also on the Executive Committee, and at least three of the four members of the Executive Committee or authorized representatives.


Section 1 - Nature
The Executive Committee shall be the controlling body of the ACF and all ACF affiliate operations pertinent to ACF matters. It shall be composed of the president, the secretary, the treasurer, and the player representative.


Section 1 - Nature The president of ACF shall appoint the special officials of ACF in accordance with the by-laws of ACF. These officials shall customarily serve two-year periods, subject to reappointment or dismissal as outlined in the by-laws of ACF. Appointed officials shall not normally be salaried but the Executive Committee may authorize a fee for special services.


Section 1 - Nature
There shall exist a number of permanent ACF national committees, created for permanent functions, presided over by the chairmen, as appointed by the president or as specified in the by-laws of ACF. The president in cooperation shall also choose the members of these national committees with the committee chairmen.


Section 1 - Divisions
There shall be nine districts, excluding foreign membership areas, into which jurisdiction of the ACF may be divided. The addition, deletion, combining or revision of boundaries of districts may be accomplished only by Executive Committee majority approval, which shall amend this section of Article XII of this constitution of ACF.

Section 2 - Representation
Each district manager who shall act as official spokesman for his district in all ACF business pertaining to the Board of Directors shall represent each district on the Board of Directors of ACF.


Section 1 - ACF Bulletin
The ACF shall publish an ACF Bulletin, which shall be its official publication. The Bulletin shall not be a magazine. It shall have no subscription rates but be sent as a member benefit to all ACF members (except Associates), bi-monthly to the extent possible. The Bulletin shall not accept paid advertising, but may print a brief notice from members as space permits.


Section 1 - Player Control
The ACF and its affiliates shall be governed in a manner that insures control by a majority of member players.

Section 2 - Exploitation
No method of financing the ACF or any of its affiliates shall involve exploitation by any outside interest or organization.

Section 3 - Financial Interest
All members of ACF shall have the right to be financially interested in the game of Checkers, but not officers. No ACF officers, having a financial interest in the game or its accessories, shall have a voice in deciding where equipment shall be bought for ACF, nor in deciding how venue and match bids shall be awarded, nor in the sale of game rights of tourneys and matches. In these and similar cases where there could possibly be a conflict of interest, such financially interested ACF officer(s) shall be required to recuse himself from these monetary decisions of ACF. However, such an officer is not prohibited from placing a competitive bid with the ACF in such matters. No ACF officer employed by a bank shall have a voice in deciding where ACF monies shall be banked. Financial interest shall not include any prize money won at tournaments.

Section 4 - Solicitation of Funds, Endowments, Publications and Endorsements
No act or acts of the national officials of ACF in soliciting funds or endowments, or receiving funds or endowments, or in publishing match or tournament books, or in endorsing checker books, deriving income, or in endorsing manufactured equipment for playing Checkers, shall be interpreted as being profitable in nature. All monies thereby received shall be operational funds and shall not be of any direct benefit to the members or its affiliates. Prize money paid out at tournaments and matches are regarded as operational expenses to ACF. Funds or endowments received for special purposes shall be invested in (FDIC) insured savings, treasury bonds or A-Rated Municipal Bonds or fully insured securities that provide for the full faith and credit cause protection of the U.S. Constitution and three or more trustees shall be appointed to oversee these investments and at least two trustee signatures are required to withdraw funds from the ACF Trust Accounts.


Section 1 - Nature
The active members of ACF shall be entitled to cast their votes in all regular or special elections to determine the acceptance of this constitution and by-laws and to elect national officers and district managers. All election shall be governed by the constitution and by-laws of ACF.

Section 2 - Election Procedure
Four (4) months prior to the expiration of ACF Officers, an announcement will be placed in the ACF August Bulletin requesting Nominations for ACF President, Secretary, Treasurer, Player Representative, 1st and 2nd Vice-Presidents, and District Directors. Those nominated will be shown in the ACF October Bulletin with information on their platform, credentials, etc. and a "self mailer" ballot addressed to the Chairman of the Election Committee.

Ballots will be counted and the new officers will be announced in the ACF December Bulletin. The newly elected officers will assume their duties on January 1st and for a period of two (2) consecutive years. Any vacancies during that two (2) year term will be appointed by the Executive Board. (Note: Should there be three or more candidates running for the same position and no one (1) candidate achieves 50% of the votes cast, a run-off between the top two (2) candidates can be called and a new ballot sent out in the December Bulletin with a December 31st return deadline. The winner will be notified and will assume his/her duties on January 1st. Such election results will be in the ACF February Bulletin).

It is the duty of the out-going officers to turn over all pertinent information relating to their responsibilities before the end of the calendar year and provide counsel on any questions the new administration may require.

Section 3 - Method
The president shall appoint a Nomination and Election Committee by October 1st. All nominations and ballots shall be sent to this committee who shall count and tabulate the vote.

Section 4 - Final Tabulation
After final tabulation of the votes by the Nomination and Election Committee, the results of the vote shall be sent to the Bulletin editor to be published in the ACF Bulletin.


Section 1 - Method
This ACF constitution and by-laws shall be join authority for the policies, operations and promotions of ACF and all of its affiliates. This ACF constitution and by-laws shall be permanent for the life of ACF.

Section 2 - Consideration of Proposals
All proposals to repeal, rescind or amend this constitution and by-laws of the ACF must be submitted through a member of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall consider all such proposals from the standpoint of merit, purpose and suggested remedies.

Section 3 - Powers of the Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall have the power to reject all proposals not of a practical nature according to the constitution and by-laws. All successful proposals must be passed by a simple majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Section 4 - Notification
Any proposal to repeal, rescind or amend any part or parts of this ACF Constitution and by-laws, passed by the Executive Committee, shall be submitted to the Board of Directors, If passed by a two-thirds majority of vote of the Board, it becomes part of the Constitution and by-laws. The Board of Directors shall cast their ballots by mail, sending them to a special election committee named by the President and approved by the Executive Committee.

Section 5 - Final Tabulation
After final tabulation of the votes by the election committee, the results of the vote shall be sent to the Bulletin editor to be published in the ACF Bulletin.


Section 1 - Method
This ACF constitution and by-laws shall be adopted by an affirmative majority of votes cast in the special election. A ballot shall be sent to all members eligible to vote. They are to mark their ballot for or against adoption. The ballot is to be mailed to the election committee named by the president.

Section 2 - Final Tabulation
After final tabulation of the votes by the election committee, the results of the vote shall be sent to the Bulletin editor to be published in the ACF Bulletin.

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