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  About Ryan Pronk

ACF Website Journalist Ryan Pronk
has served as ACF Website Journalist since July 2003. Ryan lives in New Hope, Minnesota, where he is a senior at Armstrong Senior High School. He has two older brothers and three dogs - Rufus, Foxy, and Sassie.

Outside of checkers, Ryan enjoys playing bass guitar and hockey. His occupational dream is to become a teacher or a coach.

Ryan is a young, up-and-coming checker player with a promising future ahead of him. He has competed in the District 7 Tournament, the Iowa State Fair Tournament, the Iowa State Tournament, and the Minnesota State Tournament, among others. Ryan's favorite openings are 9-14, 22-17, 6-9; 9-14, 22-17, 5-9; and 9-14, 22-18, 11-15. When asked about his proudest moment in checkers, Ryan pointed to his first place finish at the 2003 District 7 Tournament. Ryan should be proud. He is the youngest District 7 Champion in the history of the ACF!

Ryan is very interested in the future of the ACF and the game of checkers in general. For other young checker enthusiasts such as himself, Ryan has this to say: "The youths in this game need to become more proactive. Simple as that."

Thanks for the articles, Ryan, and keep up the good work!

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