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  The 156-Opening Three-Move Deck The 156-Opening Three-Move Deck is the official deck used in tournaments sanctioned by the American Checker Federation. The deck consists of thirteen cards with twelve openings on each card, labelled by letter. In addition, a thirteenth entry exists on each card that instructs the reader to choose the opening on a second card that corresponds to a particular letter. This makes it easy for players as the deck need be shuffled only once per draw. A sample card is shown below.

Sample Card
Sample Card

  Procedure for Drawing Cards

  1. Pick a card and observe the letter corresponding to the instructions for the next card (Letter C in the sample card shown above). Leave this card on the table.
  2. Pick another card, and play the opening associated with the letter given on the first card.

  Why This System Was Chosen
The ACF's Three-Move Deck was proposed by World Champion Alex Moiseyev. It was adopted by the ACF for the following reasons:

  1. Cards need be shuffled only once.
  2. Instructions are given on each card and are easy to understand.
  3. There is no need to re-draw when a letter is picked (as opposed to some decks that use a question mark).
  4. It is easy to check that a deck is complete. (Simply check for letters A through M.)
  5. There are half the cards of the former 26-card deck.

  Why Opening Rankings Matter
There are twelve openings and one instruction given on each of the thirteen three-move cards. Openings must be represented on each card as follows:

  1. A mix of opening moves (9-13, 9-14, 10-14, 10-15, 11-15, 11-16, 12-16) should be included on each card.
  2. A mix of opening strengths should be included on each card.

Item two above relies on how openings are ranked according to strength. A list of three-move opening rankings has been established by the ACF.

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