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Recap of Big Summer Checker Tournaments

Lubabalo Kondlo won the "Don Lafferty" GAYP US National held in Lebanon, TN on July 24-27. Lubabalo edged Ron King (2nd) on honor points. Sergio Scarpetta was 3rd. Alex Weaver won the Majors. Ted Williamson won the Minors. The prize fund was over $15,000. Frank and Mary Davis were referee.

Lubabalo Kondlo also won the WCDF GAYP World Qualifier held July 31 through August 3 at the International Checker Hall of Fame in Petal, MS. Alex Moiseyev was 2nd, followed by Melikaya Nonyukela (3rd). All three tied with 20 pts, with Kondlo winning the head-to-head minileague. Nadiya Chyzhevska (Ukraine) won the GAYP Woman's World Championship. Referee for both events was Richard Beckwith, assisted by Charles Walker (event host). Tetiana Zaitseva (Ukraine) won the WCDF GAYP youth title match against Elia Cantatore of Italy. Alex Moiseyev was guest referee. Kim Willis was elected new WCDF Public Relations Officer, replacing Ingo Zachos, who shifted to the elected position of WCDF secretary.

The 2017 World title Match in 3-Move took place on 9-23 September in Italy between current champion Michele Borghetti (Italy) and challenger Sergio Scarpetta (Italy). Referee was Alan Millhone. The match was won by Sergio Scarpetta 6-1 with 29 draws, making Sergio the new 3-move World Champion.

11-Man Ballot National Results

Congratulations to Michele Borghetti for winning the 11-man Ballot National in Branson, MO over March 28-31. He was followed by Sergio Scarpetta, Lubabalo Kondlo, Alex Moiseyev, Lorne Wells, and Michael Holmes. Alex Holmes won Majors, and Buck Smith won Minors. Over $20,000 in prize fund. Kim Willis has a 2-CD set of tournament photos for $25.

Some Big Checker Events for 2017:

The 2017 Tennessee Open will be held March 3-5 in Lebanon, TN at the Comfort Suites.

The 2017 ACF National 11-man ballot checker tournament (the Seres Checker Classic) will be held March 28-31 in Branson, Missouri at the Honeysuckle Inn with $20,000 Prize Money.

The 2017 Don Lafferty Memorial GAYP National Checker Tournament will be held on (Monday thru Thursday) July 24-27 in Lebanon, TN at the Comfort Suites. Prize fund expected to be at least $13,000.

The WCDF World GAYP Qualifier & Women/Youth World Championship will be held at Int. Checkers Hall of Fame in Petal, Mississippi from 31 July to 4 August 2017.

The 3-Move Challenge Match between Michele Borghetti and Sergio Scarpetta will be played in Italy from 9 to 23 September 2017.

Big Checker Events for Summer 2016

The World Qualifier & Women/Youth World Championship was held June 8-12 in Rome, Italy. Congratulations to WQT winner Sergio Scarpetta (Italy). Alex Moiseyev (USA) was 2nd. New Ladies 3-move World Champion is Amangul Berdiyeva (also GAYP champion) of Turkmenistan. New World Youth Champion (3 move) is Penagylych Ezizgylyjov (Turkmenistan).

1. for the results of the QT:

2. for the Women World Championship:

3. for the Juniors:

GAYP World Title Match (Michele Borghetti challenging Sergio Scarpetta) was held July 8-15 in Rome.
Michele Borghetti won match 1-0 & 23 draws and becomes new GAYP World Champion. In 2017, Sergio Scarpetta will challenge Michele Borghetti for 3-Move World Title.

US National is July 27-30 in Branson, Missouri with prize fund of about $18,000 expected

Michele Borghetti narrowly wins World Qualifier; New Women's 3-move World Champion.

3-Move World Champion Michele Borghetti of Livorno, Italy earned right to challenge Sergio Scarpetta for the GAYP World Title in 2016. Michele finished in a 6-way tie for first along with Matteo Bernini, Ron King, Richard Beckwith, Igor Martynov, and Lubabo Kondlo -- this was the Top-6 order of finish by Sonneborn-Berger points. The WCDF GAYP event was held in Knighton, Wales on September 21-24.

For the Women's World Championship, Amangul Berdiyeva (Turkmenistan) regained the women's GAYP world title over Nadiya Chyzhevska (Ukraine), also on a tiebreaker decision. Wilma Branch of Barbados was 3rd.

World Title Match

Information on upcoming 3-move world title match between Michele Borghetti (Itlay) and Lubabalo Kondlo (South Africa), referee Alan Millhone, as sent from Sergio Scarpetta:

August 30: pen Ceremony in the town hall of Livorno with local authority and the Ambassador of South Africa. From August 31 to September 12: the match starts at 9:00 am (Italian local time), 4 games each day.

Rest days: September 3,7 and 10. Closing Ceremony 13 September at 10:30 (Italian local time).

MATCH CONCLUSION: Michele Borghetti wins 40-game match with 6 wins to 1 loss, and retains 3-move world title.



Other News: The ACF "John Webster" National GAYP Tournament was won by Richard Beckwith (Ohio). Lorne Wells of Canada won the Majors. Grover Minor (NC) won the Minors.

The 2nd Annual Branson Missouri Open Checker Tournament, sponsored by Joe McDaniel, had co-winners in Alex Moiseyev and Lubabalo Kondlo. Arthur Mays won the Majors. Total Cash prizes totaled just under $9000.

The WCDF GAYP World Qualifier and Woman's World Championship will be held in Knighton, Wales on September 21-25.

2015 News

Alex Moiseyev defended 11-man ballot World title vs. Tim Laverty.
Missouri Mixed Opening (3-Move and 11-man) is June 19-21 with $8000 in prizes.
ACF GAYP National Tournament is July 27-August 1 in Lebanon, TN

The 3-Move World Title Match between Michele Borghetti (Italy) and challenger Lubabalo Kondlo (South Africa) will play August 31 to September 13 in Livorno, Italy. Referee is Alan Millhone.

WCDF World Qualifier/Woman's World Championship is September 21-25 in Knighton, Wales. Masters/Women/youth players may inform ACF Exec if they to express interest to seek a nomination.

This is a reminder to pay ACF dues for those who are still due (see ACF Info menu).

ACF election ballot will appear in the April bulletin.

2014 SportAccord WMG

After a "demonstration event" appearance in 2012, Checkers returns to SportAccord World Mind Games in the Olympic Village in Beijing, China on December 11-17. The four competitors (with expenses paid) will be Michele Borghetti (3-Move World Champion), Sergio Scarpetta (GAYP World Champion), Alex Moiseyev (2012 Gold Medalist), and Lubabalo Kondlo (2014 WQT winner). Referees are Richard Beckwith and Charles Walker.


FINAL Result: Michele Borghetti comes back on last day to tie Sergio Scarpetta. Then Michele beat Sergio in two-game rapid playoff to take gold. Alex Moiseyev wins the bronze.

2014 World Qualifier / Woman's World Championship

Congratulations to Lubabalo Kondlo (South Africa) for winning the WCDF 3-Move World Qualifier on tie-breaker over Sergio Scarpetta of Italy. Alex Moiseyev was a point behind in 3rd place. Kondlo may challenge Michele Borghetti for the 3-move world title in 2015. Congratulations also to Nadiya Chyzhevska (Ukraine) for winning her 3rd consecutive Woman's World Checkers Championship. USA hosted this WCDF event outside Louisville, Kentucky on November 13-16.

ACF National Update

Results for the "Don Lafferty" ACF 3-move National that concluded Sunday, July 27, in Louisville, Kentucky. Alex Moiseyev and Lubabalo Kondlo tied for first and are declared co-champions. Both had 36 points. 3rd-5th places in order (with honor point tie-break considered) were Ron King (36 pts), Richard Hallet (30 pts) and Jim Morrison (30 pts). Desmond Maughan of Barbados won the Majors division. Roger Doll was referee.

Checkers World Title Match

The World Title Match between Ron "Suki" King (GAYP Champion, Barbados) and Sergio Scarpetta (Challenger, Italy) is playing July 5-10 in Italy. Match is 24 games, 4 games a day. When games are in progress, match can be viewed at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/king-scarpetta

Final report from Referee Ezio Valentini: Scarpetta won Games 21 and 22 by Ron's forfeit.
Scarpetta win the match. Scarpetta 4 - King 1 - 2 games remaining and not played

The week ahead

Saturday, June 21 will be a busy day for ACF. The Missouri GAYP Tournament (Ozark Valley Inn, Branson, MO) boasts a prize fund of $4,000. The tournament is sponsored by David Seres and Joe & Jeannie McDaniel. Also on Saturday June 21 is the District 1 tournament in Dover, Massachusetts held by Richard White. [**UPDATE: Congrats to Jim Morrison and John Webster for being co-champions. Each won $1000**]

The American Checker Federation is partnering with Alzheimer's Association "Longest Day" (with June 21 being the longest daylight day of the year) to promote brain health. Activities are planned in Ohio and North Carolina to promote checkers while raising money for Alzheimer's Research. The ACF has a team goal of raising $1600 (and we're over half way there). Donations can be made at:

Tournament News

Alex Moiseyev won the 2014 11-man Ballot National held Jan 31-Feb 2 in Burlington, NC. Tim Laverty was 2nd.

Alex Moiseyev won Tennessee Open, March 7-9, Lebanon, TN. John Webster placed 2nd, and Larry Keen (TN champ) was 3rd. The Majors & Minors divisions were won by Alex Homes and Trey Stanley.

Upcoming events:

GAYP Challenge Match 2014 between Ron King (Barbados) and Sergio Scarpetta (Italy) is scheduled to be played at Foggia, Italy on July 5-10, 2014.

ACF 3-move National Tournament July 23-27 , Louisville, Kentucky, at Bluegrassmagic Gameshop. The youth National will be held July 19 here.

WCDF 3-Move World Qualifier & Woman's/Youth World Championship, November 13-16, Louisville, Kentucky at Bluegrassmagic Gameshop

Donations for these upcoming events are needed and may be sent to Richard Beckwith, ACF Treasurer/ WCDF President, 34490 Ridge Road #115 Willoughby, OH 44094 or donate on-line at ACF Store: http://www.usacheckers.com/store/index.php?route=product/category&path=65

Two reminders...

Bids for 2014 3-Move National Tournament are due December 31.

For those whose ACF membership comes due near the end of the year, please remember to send in your dues. Memberships may also be paid via Paypal on ACF Store. New memberships and gift memberships are also welcome. Standard one-year membership is $40 within US. Richard Beckwith is serving as interim ACF Treasurer.

Moiseyev retains 11-man Ballot World Title

Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev who successfully defended his 11-Man Ballot World Match Title against challenger Tim Laverty. The final score was 5-0 with 7 draws. Many thanks go to J.R. Smith for hosting the match in North Carolina.

Sukifest Draughts Festival Results

Congratulations to WCDF World Qualification Tournament winner, Sergio Scarpetta (Italy), who earns right to challenge Ron King for GAYP World title in a 24-game match in 2014. 2nd through 6th place went to Jack Francis, Jim Morrison, Colin Price, Michael Holmes and Charles Freeman.

Congratulations to Nadiya Chyzhevska (Ukraine), who becomes Women’s World GAYP Champion,
and to Alex Holmes, who becomes WCDF Youth Champion.

Event was held October 8-11 in Barbados. A subsequent 4-round USA-Barbados match was held October 12-14, with Barbados winning. Referees: Richard Beckwith, Charles Walker

Kondlo claims 2nd U.S. National Tournament Victory

Congratulations to Lubabalo Kondlo (South Africa) for winning the ACF “Carl Reno” GAYP National Tournament, held at Holiday Inn in Cincinnati, Ohio, July 29-Aug. 2. Lubabalo finished with 26 points. Next were Jack Francis (Barbados) and Rich Beckwith (USA), both with 25 points. Lubabalo also won the 2007 GAYP National. The Majors/Minors combined division had a tie for first between Gary Wilson and George Gerhauser. Joe Weaver was 3rd. Much credit also goes to referee, John Acker, and to all those who made donations to the event. More info may be found at:

ACF National Tournament Approaching!

The American Checker Federation (ACF) is pleased to announce its 2013 National Freestyle (GAYP) Checkers Tournament: July 29-August 3, in Cincinnati, Ohio. This year's tournament honors Carl Reno. See http://www.acfnationals.com/ For hotel and pre-registration info.

World 3-Move Title Match Conclusion

Congratulations to Michele Borghetti, the new 3-Move Checkers World Champion!! Forza Miki!
The final score: 6-3 with 29 draws.

Update on Moiseyev-Borghetti Match

See schedule and other info from John Acker at

Checkers World Championship match- Italy (Moiseyev-Borghetti)

Greetings from Italy!

Please, remember that from June 25th to July 7th there will be the world match between the checkers world champion Alex Moiseyev and the challenger Michele Borghetti.

The match will be played in l’Hotel La Vedetta di Montenero, very closed to the town of Livorno. Livorno is the town were Borghetti lives, but is also the town of the first Italian champions of the last century and we can consider this town as the cradle of Italian draughts. On June 20, in the town council hall there will be the press conference to present the match, and on June 24 the official opening ceremony.

It will be possible to follow the games live on the website of the Italian
Federation: www.federama.it

Submitted by :Adolivio Capece (press officer)

King Me!

This long anticipated checkers documentary is now available to the general public!

King Me explores the surreal world of competitive checkers play as seen through the eyes of South African township resident, Lubabalo Kondlo.

This documentary was done by our wonderful checker friends over at Think Media Studios. It has been raved about during several private screenings at checker events over the past year. Now you too can watch this fantastic documentary about the exciting world of competitive checkers on iTunes!

Get the documentary here (itunes required)


March News

ACF Elections are complete. Congratulations go to Alan Millhone (President), John Acker (Treasurer), Travis Weddle (Secretary), and Michael Holmes (Master Player Rep). We also have new managers for District 5 (Larry Pollard) and District 9 (Mel Tungate).

John Acker has replaced Charles Walker as world title match referee for the upcoming Moiseyev-Borghetti match, now scheduled in Livorno, Italy.

Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev for winning both the 11-man Ballot National and Tennessee Open. Runner-up Tim Laverty will challenge Moiseyev for 11-man ballot world title.

World Title Match update

The Three-Move world title match between Alex Moiseyev (champion) and Michele Borghetti (challenger) will be held in Italy, tentatively June 26-July 7 in Fossano (northwest Italy). Referee will be Charles Walker. I thank the Italian Federation for preparing their WCDF-approved bid.

Contributions to this much anticipated re-match are welcome via Paypal at ACF Store Donation page (“World Championship” button) or (within US) by mail to Richard Beckwith (beckwith24@msn.com for info). Please also consider donations (via ACF Store/Donations “Player Travel Fund”) toward airfare for Charles Walker (Referee) and John Acker, who will support our champ by accompanying him on the trip. At present, the Italian bid covers only 500 euro for Charles’ airfare, and John has no external funding for his airfare.

Richard Beckwith,
ACF Player Rep

ACF Election and Other Updates

Due to mail delays with the February ACF bulletin, Election ballots will now be accepted through March 9. ACF members, don't forget to vote!

Congratulations to Alex Moiseyev for winning the 11-man Ballot National Tournament held Feb. 16-18 in Greensboro, NC. Tim Laverty was 2nd and has earned right to challenge for 11-man ballot world title. The Majors division was won by Bobby Gerringer. Many thanks to J.R. Smith and company for their promotional efforts.

The ACF youth National will be May 24-27 at ICHF, Petal, MS. Play begins on 25th. The ACF “Carl Reno” GAYP National Tournament will be held the Holiday Inn I-275 North in Cincinnati, OH from July 29-August 3. See acfnationals.com.

The 2013 World Qualification Tournament has been awarded to Barbados on Sept. 29-Oct 5. The overall winner of the tournament challenges Ron King for the GAYP World Title in 2014. The 2013 Qualification tournament will include GAYP World Championship events for both women and youth. Federations in good WCDF standing may nominate two players for each division.

Alex Moiseyev wins SportAccord Gold!

Alex Moiseyev won the Gold medal for USA in Beijing, China SportAccord Event, Dec. 13-19 with 13 points. Lubabalo Kondlo (South Africa) won the Silver medal in a rapid-play playoff with Michele Borghetti, who took the bronze. Both had 12 points. Ron King (11 pts.) of Barbados was 4th. Referee was Richard Beckwith.

October News

Alex Moiseyev successfully defended his world 11-man ballot title in a 16-game match by defeating Richard Beckwith 4-0 with 9 draws. The match was held Oct. 6-9 at Cleveland Public Library and Rodeway Inn, Medina, OH.

ACF calls for bids for the 2013 GAYP National Tournament, and also for ACF officer nominations (both due Dec. 31). WCDF calls for bids (due Dec. 1) for 2013 World Qualification Tournament and for Moiseyev-Borghetti 3-Move world Title Match.

John Acker is now temporarily serving as ACF treasurer (replacing Kim Willis) until elections. ACF Dues (new or renewal) may be sent to John at 668 Stinchcomb Dr., Apt. 10, Columbus, OH 43202, or dues may be paid via Paypal at Store menu.

Lille WMSG Results

Michele Borghetti of Italy wins checkers gold at the 2012 World Mind Sports Games in Lille, France, August 17-22. Sergio Scarpetta of Italy took the silver medal, followed by Bashim Durdyev (Turkmenistan) who defeated Ron King in the final round to win bronze. Borhetti can now challenge Alex Moiseyev for the 3-move World Title in 2013, and bids are being solicited. In the first ever ladies World Championship, newcomer Nadiya Chyzhevska of Ukraine won gold and is now ladies 3-move World Champion. Amangul Berdiyeva (Turkmenistan) was 2nd, followed by Erika Rosso (Italy).

The annual General Assembly of the World Checker Draughts Federation (WCDF) was held in Lille on August 19. Richard Beckwith was elected new president, replacing Hugh Devlin. Sune Thrane was elected to the vacated Vice President spot.

Alex wins at ACF "Hugh Burton" 3-Move National Tournament

World Champion Alex Moiseyev (USA) won the 2012 US Nationals with 24 points, ahead of GAYP-World Champion Ron "Suki" King (Barbados) on 21 points. Third place went to Grandmaster Lubabalo Kondlo (South Africa) on 19 points in his first top level 3-move tournament. Congratulations to these three outstanding players and all other participants! The major event was won by 13-year-old (!) Alex Holmes (USA), while George Stallsworth (USA) won the minor event. Full results: http://acfnationals.com/ Last but not least, John Acker deserves full credit for providing the results, as well as a live stream of each round.

from Ingo Zachos (ACF forum)

ACF National Tournament News

Congratulations to the American Youth Champion, Alex Holmes, who scored 28 out of 28 points in the ACF “Arthur Niederhoffer” Youth Tournament in Lebanon, TN, July 28 & 29. 2nd place and US Girls title went to Laura Parker. The main US 3-Move National Tournament is underway. See also John Acker’s updates at http://acfnationals.com/

GAYP World Title Match Update

Ron "Suki" King retains his GAYP world title in Italy, drawing the 24-game match with Sergio Scarpetta 2-2 (20 draws).

World Title Match Update

The start of the King-Scarpetta GAYP world title match will be delayed (by maybe one day) by mutual agreement. Ron King expected to arrive late Sunday in Italy. Peek in on match at http://www.stickam.com/giacomelli?t=2237248

The World 11-Man Ballot Match between Alex Moiseyev (current champion) and Richard Beckwith is scheduled for October 6-9, 2012, 16-game match, with additional 4 games if a tie. Match will be held at Cleveland Public Library (first day) and Medina, Ohio. Referee is Steve Holliday. John Acker will also cover the match.

The World GAYP Women’s Championship Match between defending champion Amangul Berdiyeva (Turkmenistan) and challenger Erika Rosso (Italy) will take place December 2-9, 2012 in Saint Marcel (Aosta) Italy. Referee will be Dr. John Reade.

Donations to any matches are appreciated and may be done at ACF Store / Donations page.

Big Summer Events Approaching!

The World GAYP Championship Match between defending champion Ron King (Barbados) and challenger Sergio Scarpetta (Italy) will take place at the “Hotel Parco della Rose”, San Giovanni Rotondo, Foggia, Italy from 15th – 20th July 2012. The Referee will be Ian Caws.

U.S. Nationals (honoring Hugh Burton) will play in Lebanon, TN on July 30- August 4. (Don’t forget about the “Arthur Niederhoffer” youth tournament on July 28 & 29.) Regarding scoring method vote in April bulletin, Masters voted to amend the scoring system to ballot scoring effective with this year's National Tournament. Majors and Minors voted to retain their current method of scoring by game.

The 2nd World Mind Sports Games will take place in Lille, France, from 9th – 23rd August 2012. Checkers will have two events running simultaneously – a men’s event (doubles as World Qualifier) and a women’s event (doubles as Woman’s world championship). Play occurs Aug. 17-22 (19th is free day). Hotel & venue information is found at: http://wmsgfmjd.org/. U.S. will be represented by Jim Morrison, Richard Beckwith, Charles Freeman, and Kim Willis.

March News

Arrangements are in progress for the following 2012 matches:
Sergio Scarpetta – Ron King GAYP World Title Match
Erika Rosso – Amangul Berdiyeva GAYP World Title Ladies Match

Richard Beckwith wins 11-man Ballot National Tournament in Greensboro, NC on Feb. 17-19. He now can challenge Alex Moiseyev for 11-man World Title, with match to be tentatively played in early July in Cleveland area. Mike Ross won the Majors Division at the 11-Man National.

The “King Me” film (ThinkMedia Studios) will show at the Cleveland Film Festival on March 27, 28, 29. http://www.clevelandfilm.org/festival/films/2012/king-me

We still await official word on the 2012 World Mind Sports Games. There is a tentative plan for 9th - 23rd August, with Lille Grand Palais (Lille, France) the venue. http://www.lillegrandpalais.com

January News Bits

The 11-Man Ballot National will take place February 17-19 in Greensboro, NC.

The 2012 National 3-move Tournament is scheduled for July 30-August 4 in Lebanon, TN. This bid was awarded to Frank & Mary Davis.

Joe Moore has assumed role of ACF ratings processor. ACF ratings appear here at http://icheckers.net/ratings/ Updated WCDF ratings are anticipated by the end of January.

Richard Beckwith,
ACF Player Rep

WCDF Communication Excerpt (from Hugh Devlin):

The WCDF are now seeking bids from affiliated organisations for the hosting of the following three events for 2012:

World GAYP Championship Match 2012
Ron King (Barbados) Vs Sergio Scarpetta (Italy)

World GAYP Women’s Championship Match 2012
Amangul Berdiyeva (Turkmenistan) Vs Erika Rosso (Italy)

World Qualification Tournament (3 Move) 2012

All organisations should indicate prior to 1st December 2011 if they are intending to make a bid to host any of these events, with the final bid being received prior to 22nd February 2012.

There is no specific information available regarding the venue and details for the forthcoming 2nd World Mind Sports Games scheduled to be held next August 2012. The WCDF have an agreement with the FMJD that we (Checkers) will receive 20% of the available places allocated to draughts.

Sergio Scarpetta wins World Qualifier

The GAYP World Qualifying Tournament, Oct. 19-22, was won by Sergio Scarpetta of Italy. He has earned the right to challenge Ron King of Barbados for the GAYP world title in 2012. The tournament was held at the Nyala Hotel in San Remo, Italy. Runner-up was Lubabalo Kondlo (South Africa), who edged Jack Francis (Barbados) on tiebreaker points. Jim Morrison of USA was 4th. The Italians swept the other divisions, with Erika Rosso winning the ladies division, and Alessio Scaggiante becoming youth champion. For more coverage and standings, see: http://www.cdadamello.com/public/tornei/2011/GAYP_WCT/index.html

The Qualifying Tournament was preceded by the two-day GAYP, inaugural San Remo Open Tournament, Oct. 17 & 18. This opening event had co-champions of Richard Beckwith (USA) and Ron King (Barbados), with Sergio Scarpetta taking third.

Call for bids for 2012 ACF National Tournament

Bids for the 2012 Three-move National Tournament will be accepted through December 31, 2011. Please enclose a synopsis that includes hotel accommodations and rates, dates (usually a 5-6 day event), amount of bid, airport information, etc. to Alan Millhone, PO Box 1 Belpre, OH 45714, or by e-mail (millhone@wirefire.com). A bid “checklist” form is available upon request.

Alex Moiseyev Defends World Title

For the fourth consecutive year, a Cleveland-area world title match went down to the last game. Alex Moiseyev (Dublin, Ohio) retained his three-move world title over Michele Borghetti (Livorno, Italy) by a score of 7-6 with 27 draws. Alex clinched a match tie with a draw in Game 39, and drew Game 40 for a one-game match victory.

Congratulations to Amangul

Amangul Berdiyeva successfully defended her Ladies 3-Move world title over Hurmagul Toyeva by a score of 9-1 with three draws. The WCDF-supported match was held in Balkanabat, Turkmenistan and was scheduled for 20 games on August 3-7, but the match ended early. Both participants reside in Turkmenistan.

Be sure to checkout our facebook page!

http://www.facebook.com/pages/USA-Checkers/207619882617061John Acker has been updating the ACF Facebook page with pictures and news of the currently ongoing blitz tournament.  The same will be done for the National Tournament starting tomorrow.

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